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Beverage Services

Legendary Bar Service and Catering makes your event truly memorable. We take the hassle away from you, providing all ice, beverages and equipment to ensure your guests' needs are met and you will be able to focus on the importance of the day!


Our fabulous bartending staff will entertain and impress. We also offer signature drinks - a unique touch for your special event!


Redefining Food & Event Production

Its Personal

We will work with you to

create a menu that fits your
taste, budget and style

Signature Style

Exquisite food

Expert coordination
Gracious service

Our Commitment

Locally sourced produce & fresh ingredients equals excellent taste.

What We Can Offer


  • Portable bar service for all of your beverage needs

  • We are fully insured

  • Professional bartending staff, support staff

  • Portable bar setup,   all ice, all bar equipment

  • ideal for both indoor and outdoor events

  • Choice of  domestic and premium beers (additional charge for premium may apply on some selections)

  • Choice of house wine selections ( Red and white)

  • Top shelf liquors and liqueurs (premium liquor is available upon request)

  • Beverage mixers and drink garnishes

          - Juices: Cranberry, orange, pineapple, lime
         - Soda: Ginger ale, Sprite, Coke or Pepsi, Diet Coke or

           Diet Pepsi, Tonic, Club soda

          - Bottled water and ice,   Pre-ceremony stations

          - Lemons, limes, oranges, cherries and olives

  • Champagne toast is available,   Signature Drinks for Brides/Grooms

  • Elegant plasticware for beverage service is included

  • Use of cocktail tables/ linens

  • Cocktail Hors d'oeuvres package (platters, trays & finger sandwiches)  with professional display

  • Other services available:  cake cutting; coffee service

Legendary Bar Packages 


  • Bottled domestic / premium beer selections

  • House wines :  White Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Grigio and Cabernet, etc.)(3-4)

  • Liqueurs and well liquors

  • All non-alcoholic beverages, soda, mixers


  • Bottled domestic/ premium beer selections

  • An assortment of house wines 

  • Liqueurs and an assortment of top shelf liquors (Bacardi Rum, Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, Titos Vodka,Jim Beam, Captain Morgan etc.)

  • all non-alcoholic beverages, soda, mixers, 


  • Bottled domestic/ premium beer  selections

  • An assortment of house wines (see above)

  • Liqueurs and an assortment of top and premium name brand liquors (Grey Goose Vodka, Patron, Crown Royal, etc.)

  • all non-alcoholic beverages, soda, mixers

Download 2022 Pricing Guide


  • Is there flexibility over the types of Products selected? Yes, We work with you to customize your menus and products as much as possible. We do have specific distributors we must use with our license.

  • Do you provide glassware?
    No, We do not offer glass rentals, but we are happy to use your

    rentals and re-rack them for the rental company.

  • Can you use a combination of glass rentals and plastic? Do you provide all of the plasticware for our bar service? Yes, the most common glass rentals are water goblets & champagne flutes. We are happy to provide all your plasticware for bar service. We will fill your water goblets and champagne flutes for your toast.

  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes We are fully insured and we obtain the necessary NYS

    Liquor Authority Permit that is often required by many

    venues to serve alcohol.

  • Do you operate according to COVID rules?

Yes, our staff will wear masks and are bar areas are equipped with cleaning products and hand sanitizers Disposable plasticware ensures single-service use for your beverages. We provide single-serve appetizers as well with staff who serve with gloves and sanitized utensils.

  • Can our guests bring alcohol or serve themselves?

No, we cannot allow any self-service, All alcohol must be

provided by our trained staff to ensure the safety of your guests and the liability concerns of your venue owners.

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